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About For-Lovers LLC

Building a global network for passionate enthusiasts, one community at a time
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For-Lovers LLC is developing a network of narrowly-targeted online communities designed to attract people who share a common "lifestyle passion", and enable them to share and explore that passion with other like-minded people.   Our first community,, boasts thousands of members who are passionate about single malt Scotch Whisky., launched in September 2012, also has thousands who are passionate about tequila, mezcal and sotol.

Lest you get the wrong impression, For-Lovers is not just about alcoholic beverages.  In fact, of the hundreds of commonly branded "For_______Lovers" domains we own, only a handful are spirits-related.  In the coming months, For-Lovers will launch many more online communities; from to  Indeed, if you pick your passion and fill in the blank, there's a good chance that's a community we intend to launch.

Our mission at For-Lovers is to become the leading developer of these online "micro-communities."  Each community's topical focus will promote a strong sense of affiliation between members.  Curated content from the world's best-known "thought leaders", as well as the most respected traditional content publishers in each topical field, will allow members to nourish their passions.  And, of course, each site will offer an online store stocked with a great selection of products relevant to each community.

Ultimately, a For-Lovers network will be created with multiple communities catering to a large and diverse cross section of the population.  While members of one community may have little in common with members of another, the entire For-Lovers network is tied together with a common currency we call "Flovers" (think: the disparate nations of Europe all adopting the Euro).  Participate in any For-Lovers community and you'll begin to earn Flovers.  Earning lots of Flovers will do much more than give you bragging rights within a community.  Indeed, Flovers can be redeemed for prducts available in ANY For-Lovers online store.  So, whether you're looking for a special bottle of Scotch or some silk yarn to knit that special scarf, Flovers will help.

So if you've got a passion and an idea for a community, or want to lead a community, we'd like to hear from you.  For-Lovers is actively seeking passionate individuals to take the reins on some of our communities, and launch them with our assistance.  So if you've got an undying passion for something (along with a whole lot of internet marketing savvy, of course), please drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you!