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Lagavulin Distillery

Pronounced "lag-a-VOO-lin", the name means "hollow by the mill"


Lagavulin Single Malt is a single malt Scotch whisky produced on the island of Islay. It has been described as the "aristocrat" of Islays. It has an unmistakable, powerful, peat-smoke aroma. Described as being robustly full bodied, well-balanced and smooth with a slight sweetness on the palate.

The name is a modification of the Gaelic "lag a'mhuilin", meaning "hollow by the mill", and is thus pronounced "lag-a-VOO-lin".


The distillery of Lagavulin officially dates from 1816, when John Jonston and Archibald Campbell constructed two distilleries on the site. One of them became Lagavulin, taking over the other – which one is not exactly known. Records show illicit distillation in a least ten illegal distilleries on the site as far back as 1742, however.

In the 19th century several legal battles ensued with their neighbour Laphroaig, brought about after the distiller at Lagavulin, Sir Peter Mackie, leased the Laphroaig distillery. It is said that Mackie attempted to copy Laphroaig's style. Since the water and peat at Lagavulin's premises was different from that at Laphroaig's, the result was different.

The Lagavulin distillery is located in the town of the same name.

Lagavulin is produced by White Horse Distillers which is owned by United Distillers & Vintners which in turn is owned by Diageo plc. It is marketed under their Classic Malts brand.


From this Distillery


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