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Balcones Brimstone Texas Scrub Oak Smoked Whiskey (750mL)

Balcones Brimstone was first released back in May 2011. The whiskey undergoes purification through fire, a Texas oak fire that is.  Rather than using Scottish peat smoke, Chip Tate of Balcones smokes this one of a kind whisky with sun baked Texas Scrub Oak using his own secret process (he actually smokes the whiskey, not the grain/ corn).  The result is a whisky full of fresh youthful corn and light fruit notes married with a bold smokiness that will take you to a back country Texas BBQ.  

Distillers Tasting Notes:

Nose: confectioners’ sugar, cold-smoked butter, corn husk, BBQ pit, stone fruit, chili peppers and graham crackers

Taste: candied oak smoke, English pipe tobacco, butter, orange marmalade, fruit cocktail, sweet tea, chili peppers

Finish: long dry finish, herbal/mint ends in a mineralness as smoke returns

Awards Received by Brimstone:

  • Gold Medal, 2011 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition
  • Best in Category, 2012 American Distilling Institute Competition
  • Liquid Gold Award, Jim Murray’s 2013 Whisky Bible
  • 95.5 points, Jim Murray’s 2013 Whisky Bible
Whiskey Details
Scotch Product: 
100 Blue Corn
Oak Finish: 
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