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High West Double Rye!

The whiskey's name is basically from the fact that this is a combination of two different rye whiskeys. Pretty straightforward.

High West Double Rye was created when distillery owner David Perkins had a taste of the two year old whiskey from LDI. At that point he had only tasted the older 6 year old on the assumption you didn’t want to drink the younger stuff. Surpising himself, he really liked the two year old! It was youngish and brash but very spicy and tasty. So he thought High West might be able to tame the heat again with the addition of the 16 year old that they had, as the older whiskey has significantly more dissolved solids from the extra aging and evaporation. Well it really worked and they fell in love with the combination as a not only a mixing whiskey but a whiskey that could stand on its own as a sipper.

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One of my Desert Island 5

Running a site like this, and having the opportunity to try so many amazing whiskies, it's difficult to name a favorite (which I am often asked to do). That like asking someone to name their favorite child. Nevertheless, I often think about which whiskies would make that trip with me to the imaginary desert island where I am relegated to spend the rest of my life...and this one always makes the cut. It is just that good. run 3