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April 13, 2008 - 8:47pm

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I haven’t got the luck to taste this high quality whisky yet. This article shares the complete details about Highland Park. From this blog I got lots of information regarding different variety of whisky. Keep updating more! over 55 communities in texas
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Hi All I have a special going on for Ancnoc Cutter, Rutter, and Flaughter for $39.99. Normal retail on these items is around $70.00. If you are a scotch lover and love the taste of peat, the Ancnoc Cuttter, Rutter, and Flaughter part of Ancnoc's Peaty line of scotchs, delivers a nice dark peaty smokiness to the palate.   The Cutter being the tool used to cut less wet peat from shallower bogs, provides an ashy, leather, spiced vanilla taste with a hint of apple. The Rutter spade seperates and sizes peat blocks for a slow burning turf, which gives it a smokier flavor. Smoky on the nose and front palate and ending with delicate spices and fruit notes. The Flaughter spade is used to remove to top rich layer of peat giving it a heavy smoky more rooty profile. The Flaughter gives a perfect blend of smokiness with hints of dried fruits and brown sugar. Let me know if these scotches interest you!
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