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New Orleans Whisky Drinkers


April 13, 2008 - 9:12pm
New Orleans Whisky Drinkers

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The food was supplied by local delis and featured traditional dishes like cullen skink. There were talks and interactive sessions on the lower deck featuring Highland Park cocktail-making (no smoke here, just a crackingly good Old Fashioned and dinky little cocktail kit to take away); a session on Japanese and Indian whiskies and how they were influenced by Scotch; gin tasting; coopering demos; matching beer with whisky chasers and more. Each two and a half hour slot had different short education talks and discussions. Healthy-Hipchick , Health-Source-Off-Way , Women -Health-7 , Steps-For-Healthy-Living , Mom-And-Fitness , Christines-Fitness-Secrets , Core-Fitness-Personal-Trainers , Health_First_Financial , Healthy_Treasures , Health_2.0_API
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