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The Scotish Court on Scotch

The Scotish Court on Scotch

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Last night I watched a special on the recovery and supposed reproduction of the Shackleton whisky. The history of the expedition was interesting, but I feel like the "reproduction" of the whisky is merely a marketing ploy to launch a new label.
So what about Richard Paterson replicating Shackleton's whisky? Good idea or no?Come on, this is supposed to be a court. Someone pass judgement!!!!!
I'm working with a Toolmaker to try to build one. No luck yet.
Wow, I think my square cubes will do just fine for the few occasions when I want to put ice in my whisky. I guess I would have to try it, but still, I can't see it making much of a difference.
I saw the "Ice Ball Serve" from Macallan for the first time last week. Just the blog post, not in action. I thought it was kinda interesting. The idea is that a big ice cube will melt slower and there's less dilution. I was wondering what it cost & noticed it's for sale in the Macallan Store.ONLY 650 pounds.You do get a nice set of glasses, the ice mold, an ice bucket and a few other things. So the next time you have a need to throw away $1,050, please let me know. I'll make one for you and include a 12yo bottle of Macallan.So, on this subject, what says the court?

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