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Jeffery Lindenmuth Joins Whisky Advocate as Executive Editor

john hansellWe have exciting news to share with everyone. Effective August 1st,  Jeffery Lindenmuth will be joining Whisky Advocate full-time as Executive Editor, working directly with me. Jeffery has nearly 20 years of writing experience within the M. Shanken Communications organization, including Whisky Advocate, Wine Spectator, Food Arts, and various special projects. He has also written for many other drinks publications (and major circulation magazines) over this timespan.

Specific to Whisky Advocate, Jeffery has been with us from the beginning; he was actually the magazine’s first designer and art director back in the 1990s. He’s since become an excellent drinks writer and has, for the most part, traveled across the entire globe learning and writing about alcoholic beverages. He has appeared regularly in Whisky Advocate, including in our current issue with his article on summer whisky cocktails.

Jeffery and meJeffery’s broad drinks background, creative instinct, great reputation in the drinks industry, and excellent writing skills will help take the magazine to the next level and foster its growth. He will also be instrumental in growing the other Whisky Advocate platforms (WhiskyNotes, the Whisky Advocate blog, the Whisky Advocate website, social media, etc.). In addition to being involved in the creative aspect of the magazine’s editorial future, beginning with our upcoming fall issue, he will also be writing a whisky cocktail column for us and reviewing whiskies in our buying guide. (I’ve already read his cocktail column. You’re going to love it!)

Welcome aboard, Jeffery!


John Hansell
Editor and Publisher

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