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101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die, by Ian Buxton


Published September 2010, Hachette, 101 colour photographs, 224 pages,

A fun and accessible guide to completing an education in whiskey from a man who knows his hooch

Avoiding the deliberately obscure, the ridiculously limited, and the absurdly expensive, whiskey expert Ian Buxton has scoured the shelves of the world's whiskey warehouses to recommend an eclectic selection of old favorites, stellar newcomers, and mystifyingly unknown drams that simply have to be drunk. This witty, focused, and practical guide is not an awards list or a list of the 101 "Best" whiskies in the world in the opinion of some self-appointed whiskey guru. It's simply a guide to 101 whiskies that enthusiasts really must seek out and try-love them or hate them-to complete their whiskey education. What's more, it's both practical and realistic as it cuts through the clutter, decodes the marketing hype, and gets straight to the point; whether from India or America, Sweden or Ireland, Japan or the hills, glens, and islands of Scotland-here are the 101 whiskies that every whiskey enthusiast needs to try. Sláinte!

About the Author - In addition to serving as ForWhiskeyLovers Contributing Editor, Ian Buxton is a former marketing director of Glenmorangie. He was elected a Keeper of the Quaich in 1991, the highest honor of the Scotch whisky industry; he is a member of the international tasting panel for the annual World Whisky Awards; and he is a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers. He writes regular columns for The Keeper, Whisky Magazine, and WhiskyEtc, and has written for the Country Life, Scottish Field, and the Times.

What they're saying about the book:

‘The perfect stocking-filler for anyone who enjoys a good read or a good whisky.’  
Daily Record

‘I read it from cover to cover. I just couldn´t put it down…! It is a brilliant book …witty…yet at the same time knowledgeable and to the point - one of the best whisky books in recent years.’  Ingvar Ronde, Editor, The Malt Whisky Yearbook

“Whiskey expert Ian Buxton does away with connoisseur pomp to deliver this smartly designed, servicey little guide to the best brown stuff around”  
Time Out (New York)

 ‘Guide to the world's most interesting drams ... Tremendous fun.’
The Whisky Exchange

‘Provocative, funny and direct. The whisky industry may not want this book but it certainly needs it.’
Rob Draper, President and CEO,

 ‘...not many people on this planet (if any) that know more about whisky and the whisky trade. This new book is both a terrific reference and a “journal” for anyone who is game to take up the challenge.’
Franz Scheurer, Australian Gourmet Pages

'Nicely packaged and produced...written with irreverence and humour'  
The Big Issue

'A fun and accessible guide to completing an education in whisky from a man who knows his hooch'
The Scotch Blog

 ‘A very well-written, fun and concise tome outlining some of the world's more accessible whiskeys that aficionados should endeavour to seek out’
Irish Whiskey Society Website

‘From Benromach to Yoichi, a definitive guide to whisky by one of the industry's more illustrious tipplers’, USA

 ‘Concise and don't need to be a whisky aficionado for this to warm your cockles’
Scottish Field

‘Thought-provoking and controversial’
The Odd Whisky Coy, Australian blog

‘Rather like a drop or two of water in a dram of single malt, Ian Buxton’s lively guide opens the subject of whisky up and lets it breathe... entertaining, enlightening, opinionated and irreverent’
The Skinny

‘Buxton's selection introduced me to some unexpected delights. Taste them all and you'll live for ever!’
Charles MacLean, Master of the Quaich

‘A list that will help you develop your palette and appreciate the subtle nuances of the drink…Just don't try them all at once, lest you die way earlier than planned’

‘Brilliant! Every whisky lover can learn something from this irreverent and stimulating read’
Jason Craig, Brand Controller, Cutty Sark

‘…a great idea made fun to read, and interesting too’
Barrie Jackson, President & CEO, Inver House Distillers

‘Ian Buxton's "101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die" is a superb little book that makes an ideal present for the whisky lover in your life, or for yourself if no-one else seems inclined to take the hint. It is sure to broaden your horizons and leave you thinking about whisky in a way you've never thought about it before, and if you only read one whisky book this year, make it this one.’             


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