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Cleveland Underground Hickory Finished Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)


Cleveland Whiskey is guided by imagination and innovation. For their "Undeground" barrel line, they’ve pushed the boundaries to produce a line of whiskies that are unquestionably different. Unconstrained by a passive barrel environment, they apply their pressure-aging® process to finish a classic bourbon recipe with a truly “transformative” wood.

For generations, oak has been used to age spirits simply because it has the right pore structure to hold liquid. It’s hard, if not impossible, to make a barrel out of black cherry, hickory, or honey locust that doesn’t leak like a sieve and yet there are so many untapped flavor profiles that can come from these woods. The distilleries disruptive pressure aging technology captures those flavors, letting creativity and innovation shine.

Cleveland Underground Hickory Finished Bourbon Tasting Notes:

The hickory wood imparts noticeable, but not overbearing smoky undertones. Toffee, spice, and vanilla round out the palate.

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