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Glenfarclas The Family Casks 1983 Cask 32 Release X Single Malt Whisky (750mL)


A 1983 vintage Glenfarclas bottled at about 30 years old as part of the 10th release of whiskies in their Family Cask range. Matured in a single refill hogshead and bottled at cask strength. Bottled 2012*.

Tasting Notes:

Color:  Light Amber...May lack in colour but gives 110% in all other departments.

Aroma: Straw Lovely delicate

Taste: Vanillas, fresh cut grass and freshly varnished pine wood. Sweet caramel, toffee milk chocolate, very smooth.

Finish: Nice long finish.

*A total of 212 bottles released worldwide.

Price: $390.00
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