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Mery-Melrose Organic VS Cognac


Distilled & bottled at Salles d’Angles in the family alambic. Aged for a minimum of three years in barrels. François & Janis produce Cognac from organically grown grapes, using natural methods, organic fertilizers, and cultivation of the soil. A part of the vineyard has been organic since 1992 and in 2011 the entire vineyard was converted to organic production.

The VS is a blend of cognacs in their first stage of development, selected by the cellar master, Francois Mery. It is distilled with the lees then aged in new and old Limousin oak barrels to preserve the balance between the fragrances of the cognac and the nuances of the wood.

Varietals: 95% Ugni Blanc, 5% Folle Blanche/Colombard

Tasting Notes:

Color: Amber

Aroma: smokey, spicy aromas of black tea and sun dried orange peel.

Taste: Briney earth and rich, dark fruit flavors.

Finish: Citrusy, mildly tannic with lingering cedar aromas.


Certified USDA Organic
Featured at Raw Wine 2016 & 2017
Silver at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017

Price: $49.95
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