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Taconic Private Reserve Bourbon (750mL)


Subtle and sophisticated, Dutchess Private Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey presents a beautiful bouquet of spice and honey with gentle notes of vanilla coming out to provide for a smooth finish.  It has a lovely coppery color to it, or maybe like a gorgeous amber maple syrup. It starts off with a wonderful baked quality like cookies in the oven, butter, butterscotch, cookie dough, honey, vanilla, and lots of spice. It got a little bit of a bite up front, but goes down incredibly smoothly without a lot of burn. And it's definitely not as sweet as it smells.

Dutchess Private Reserve offers a rather sweet nose, with corn and cereal grain, as well as vanilla. On the palate, you’ll find a bourbon made for sipping, eminently enjoyable and easygoing. Very smooth, with more vanilla, honey, and a malty sweetness.The finish is pleasant and warm, lingering without overstaying its welcome. The bourbon is very consistent throughout. Add ice and the bourbon becomes chewier, with more pronounced grain flavors and a shorter, sharper finish.

MAXIM Magazine gives Taconic Distillery the blue medal in its May DRINKS section. According to their taster, it’s like “being kissed by a sunny field. Tongues and everything.” “Seriously, this sauce is glorious straight sipping.”

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