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VING Kale, Lemon and Cucumber Infused Vodka (750mL)

VING Kale, Lemon and Cucumber Infused Vodka

Clean, farm fresh, organic and gluten-free, award-winning VING is the world’s first and only ultra premium spirit to combine the rich, peppery undertone of kale, the crisp freshness of lemon peel and the gentle, sweet finish of cucumber.

VING's multiple filtrations and distillation in their copper pot still make this ultra premium corn base spirit exceptionally silky smooth. They hand pick the finest produce and artfully balance every small batch to achieve a unique flavor without the use of sugars or additives. Free of sulfites and histamines.

Los Angeles born, distilled in Ventura, CA.

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I've tasted every vodka I can get my hands on and when I tried VING Kale, Lemon & Cucumber is was something special. It was so refreshing and the flavor profiles blended perfectly with one another. Truly, you can put this spirit on the rocks and every sip is a full bodied experience. I'm super picky and I higly recomend VING for people who are looking for a smooth, refreshing, clean sipping vodka. I tried it as a mixer and it's fantastic with a Bloody Mary's and a ginger beer mixer as well. 

We had Bloody Mary and VING Breeze at Freds (Barneys New York in Bererly Hills). Both were the best we ever had. We (myself and three guests) then asked the bartender for a tasting of the infused VING VODKA and were extremely impressed with the multiple layers of flavor--kale, cucumber and a nice finish of lemon and cucumber. This (and the uninfused frech corn, which we had at a friend's home) were simply the best. Highly recommended.