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Virgil Kaine Electric Owl Sour Mash Whiskey (750mL)


In old-style railroad speak, an Electric Owl works the rails at night, guiding the way. Building on that tradition, Virgil Kaine is illuminating new tracks with a first-of-its-kind whiskey. Electric Owl
was crafted by two former chefs, and each ingredient was carefully selected and expertly blended to make our second limited edition that is not to be missed.

The whiskey is finished in Wild American Ale barrels hailing from neighbor Revelry Brewing; these barrels started out their life in Willamette Valley, Oregon, hosting pinot noir. This eclectic batch, full of tannins and a hint of salt, is a limited edition favorite of the distillery, that will never be blended again.

Tasting Notes:

Hints of caramel, with notes of tart cherry and a touch of salt.


Price: $76.75
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