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The Whiskey Explorers NEAT Glass

The NEAT Glass

Whiskey drinkers, rejoice! Forget traditional shapes of glasses that direct all the whiskey’s aromas to the nose; here’s a scientifically-designed glass that lets “the alcohol smell” escape, and emphasizes only the pleasant aromas.

Aroma is paramount when it comes to personal enjoyment, and the shape of the glass makes a big difference. Most glasses are wide at the bottom and narrower at the top, to allow the aromas to rise and meet the nose. In glass science, this type of design is called “convergent rim.” Copitas, spirit nosing glasses, snifters, or any of the many other designs currently on the market, do the minimum to create upward movement of the spirit, and almost nothing to enhance all the nuances of the whiskey’s character. In fact, in most cases, they collect and focus significant alcohol directly to the nose, interfering with the wonderful aromas of the liquid.

A new glass design called NEAT ™, the pot-still shape relies on Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology, was meticulously researched in the USA at Arsilica and approaches the nosing and drinking experience from a scientific standpoint. This research discovered that not all aromas should be collected at the nose.

The prime example is ethanol, the “alcohol smell” in whiskey. Ethanol is disagreeable, numbs and kills the olfactory neurons and obscures the desirable and pleasant aromas which occur naturally in fermented and distilled beverages. Manska explains, “The widely flared lip and its proximity to the surface of the liquid allows the ethanol to escape before nosing, and positions the nose directly over the concentrated vapors.” Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, back up this claim and prove the ethanol is dissipated, allowing only flavorful esters and aromas to remain.

The NEAT™ glass combines artisanal craft with scientific aroma technology to take spirits appreciation to new sensory heights. NEAT™ glasses are hand-made, mouth blown in the USA in 100% lead-free Crystalyn ™ crystal.


Price: $19.95