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Ardbeg 1965

If you like Ardbeg this may become a dream of yours because it is the oldest Ardbeg released yet. it is 39 years old from 1965. I need to try it some day and i'm sure many of you guys want to have some too. 

Ardbeg Single Cask

This is just an example of one vintage, but if you are really in love with Ardbeg and want to try the truest form, these are single cask bottles from the distillery. They are very expensive and are cask strength. I have seen some years sell for thousands of dollars. These are collectors pieces as well as ones to drink for only the most special of occasions.

Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist

  Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist is my favorite Ardbeg that I have had because it has the Ardbeg character but many more nuanced flavors that make it much more refined. It is older than the normal bottles by quite a bit (usually 16 – 18 years old). I usually love the powerful stuff but this is different and actually in a better way. If you ever see it buy two bottles, one for you and one that I will buy from you. 

Ardbeg Alligator

Ardbeg Alligator is made by using heavily charred barrels so be ready for Ardbeg but with a lot of BBQ. It is 51.2% as well. It is different with the extra char so if you like to see barrel effects, then you need to try it. 

Ardbeg Supernova

  Ardbeg Supernova is the most highly peated of all Ardbegs that have been released. It is a monster of peat and heat with tar, chocolate, tobacco, pepper, and surprisingly some floral character. Then there is smoke like a charcoal grill along with coffee and a form of citrus marmalade. It is huge and a complete experience for any peat head to try if you can find it. 

Ardbeg Blasda

  Ardbeg Blasda is the lightly peated version of Ardbeg. It isn’t the easiest to find anymore but still is available from some retailers. It has light peat with plenty of citrus and vanilla. There is a little salt that comes out with ripe fruit. It is more floral and even has a sprig of mint in there. It still has the character of Ardbeg but on a much lighter scale with a few curiosities of its own. This is an experience for any whisky drinker, not just the peat heads. 

Ardbeg Uigeadail

  Ardbeg Uigeadail (pronounced Oog-a-dal) is a mix of the regular bourbon aged Ardbeg with ex-sherry casks added too. This gives it the regular blast of peat, with fruit and nice complexity but now the heavier flavors like chocolate, baked banana, and espresso come out much stronger. It is sweet, spicy, and smoky all at once, which is so interesting and why it is commonly one of the highest rated whiskies in the world. Some even talk about the complexity of flavors being like in a great cigar. That isn’t a comment that I hear much about other whiskies.