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I have been giving whisky tastings out of my home for several years now, just once or twice per year. These are for friends who are interested in scotch whisky, members of organizations to which I belong, etc. Recently I educated several members of my graduating high school class (SO long ago) of the wonders of whisky.

On one hand, half of the group loved everything I had...especially the Islays.
On the other, this was the first time I had to bring out a "spit bucket"; some could not stand anything but the most tame Highlands.

It has been interesting, giving these tastings. If you have the means, I highly recommend it as a venue to share scotch whisky with the dram at a time.

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What do you use for glasses at your tastings?  Does everyone have a glass of water as that can help with those new to tasting?


I have a wide assortment of whisky glasses, including variants of the classic glencairn, lowball, and snifter. I want to get more glencairns, but they are awfully expensive.

As for water, each had his own bottle to use during the tasting.

In addition, I served shortbread cookies between "rounds," to help cleans the palet.



I need to get some good glasses for tastings. I have been using champagne flutes, which work pretty well actually since they have the same general shape. But some dedicated scotch glasses would be nice.


How much are you willing to spend on dedicated scotch whisky glasses?