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Toasts to you, for a Happy New Year!


Don’t forget to celebrate Hogmanay tomorrow night.  

Hogmanay is the Scottish New Year’s festival that commemorates the solar divinity Hogmagog.  In former times, animal hide was wrapped around sticks and ignited, producing a smoke that was said to be very effective against evil sprites. This talismanic smoking stick was itself known as a Hogmanay.  In all the traditions and customs surrounding Hogmanay, one theme predominates: the new year must begin on a happy note, with a clean break from all that may have been bad in the previous year. It is from this underlying hope that the most common of all Hogmanay traditions has its root, that of the new year resolution.

Enjoy these toasts and have a happy New Year!

Hogmanay Toasts

Hogmanay — A Scottish New Year by Charles Campbell
Get up, good wife, and shake your feathers, 
And dinna think that we are beggars; 
For we bairns come out to play, 
Get up and gie’us our Hogmanay. 

The Sacred Three
To save, To shield, To surround
The Hearth, The House, The Household,
This eve
This night
Oh! this eve
This night
And every night
Each single night.

A guid New Year to ane an a’ And mony may ye see
(A good New Year to one and all And many may you see)

Here’s tae us. Wha’s like us. Damn few, and they’re a’ deid!
(Here’s to us. Who’s like us. Not many, and they’re all dead!)

Gaun yoursel’, Big Man!
(You’re a big chap, drinking a lot and are going to continue to do so!)

Gie it laldie!
(Party furiously!)


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