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Glenmorangie Times Four

So last night Sean and I decided to crack open another order from For Scotch Lovers, the Glenmorangie tasting box set.  So the set included a 750ml bottle of the Glenmorangie 'Original' (10 years old), and three 50ml bottles of the Nector D'Or, Quinta Ruban(sp?), and the Lasanta.  We started with the 'original' to give us an idea of what the base spirit would taste like.  It is a very elegant whisky, the nose and taste all well defined, I would go so far as to say sharp and persise.  Floral notes are definitly detechtable and I also got a hint of something I would call "piney" (I don't know, but I smelt it).  From the "original" we moved into the Nector D'Or, which was sweet, to say the least!  It was an alright whisky, however, I do not think (and neither did Sean) it is worth the $100 price tag it carries here in Ontario.  On top of the aromas and tastes that one experiences with the "original" this one added a significant element of toffee.  We then moved on to the Quinta, a port finished whisky.  Here the port wood is clearly eveident and was the preffered whisky of the four we tasted.  We finished off the tatsing with the Lasanta, this whisky was finished off in Oloroso Sherry Casks.  The sherry influence was noticable, but it was by no means what I would call a sherry monster, but I think it would be a good starter for anyone interested in getting into sherried whiskies.

For Scotland's best selling single malt I have to say I was not terribly impressed.  For the price here in Ontario there are much better entry level whiskies, hell for the price you can get yourself into a bit more than an entry level whisky.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to taste these whiskies (if only so I don't spend the money on buying the big bottles) as it was a very interesting whisky leason in cask finishing.  If you are interested in trying one of the finished versions I would recommend the Quinta (port finish), it's unique and tasty.

Happy dramming everyone.

Mike Heilandt

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If you get a chance, try their Signet.  Expensive, but very good.

That is the one where a portion (or all) or the malt is roasted, like in the making of a stout beer right?  It's on my "unsual & unique" list of whisky to try.  I recall you have a bottle of it, how did you find it?

That is correct -- the malt is roasted.  I believe this reduces the yield by about 2x in alcohol with the result the cost goes up.  I have 2 bottles of it, it also was the whisky I shared with friends when I turned 50.  It definately is my favorite for under $500. 

Thanks for the reviews, I have seen this collection in the store and have been debating picking one up. I think I will now.

I can't wait until the day that I have a "favorite under $500" catagory...