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92451 Filters for Snapchat 2016

Snapchat is the social network for Smartphones largest worldwide instant photography. Snapchat is the possibility of sending a photograph taken with the camera of your terminal to any of your friends for a limited time up to 10 seconds . After these seconds, the user who has received the photo not see can again . Though Snapchat was born for this purpose, is not your most frequently used function.

When you shoot that we have no choice is to hang that picture to "My Story". My story is like a personal panel on which are hanging the pictures we have done for a limited time of 24 hours. In addition, these photographs can be viewed an unlimited number of times for all the friends we have. This feature is most commonly used because it can share with who we are, where we are and we are doing with a photograph to all our friends.

filters for snapchat

Well, thanks to its success, Snapchat has grown over time and was adding filters, videos, filters locations, chats, specific events around the world and the "Discover" mode. The news that I discussed today is the "lens filters" .

This novelty is to apply a filter to our face that let you "funny" actions such as to show that we are in a fishbowl, you leave us a rainbow of mouth, pretend that "entelamos" screen , etc. This development came exclusively for iOS users. Unofficially, complaints by Android users caused the September 16 this year come out the version Snapchat , incorporating such filters.

Accessing lens filters

When you update Snapchat, unlike as it has been with other updates, the app itself will not mention anything of this novelty. That's why there have been rumors of whether Android would not be available, etc. Indeed, it is very easy to activate:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Select the front camera. Ensure adequate light and there is a single face or other elements on the screen
  • Hold down the time it takes the screen where your face until the button is raised to photography, and to our right we have the round shape different filters to apply
  • Slipping can select the filter you want. In each you do a different action; open mouth, raising eyebrows ... In any case the application itself tells you you have to do
  • Still, iOS always receive the latest filters available, unlike Android, where some devices have half of the filters and others have them all ...

By Snapchat there is still no official statement where you put that filters are available depending on platform or terminals. Hence there "gossips" saying that Snapchat is an application dedicated to IOS, etc. However, lack see how it evolves this issue to draw conclusions.

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