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Maybe I'm just slow...

...but why can't I figure out how to redeem flovers? Despite being logged in when I visit the store, I can't find an option for using them. When I read the flovers information page it says that they can be redeemed for gift certificates of certain values. Yet when I look on the gift certificate page, still no luck. I searched the site here and found one blog post from a year ago saying that using flovers was still under construction. Am I missing something?

And while I am complaining, why is the shipping price different from what the shipping page says? The store shipping page says that shipping east of the Mississippi for one bottle is $9.95, but when I go to check out, I see that I am to be charged $16.09. I wanted to buy the Glenmorangie Discovery Gift Pack with the three 50cl bottles along with the Original. I thought that maybe I was being charged shipping for four bottles, but when I deleted that and added other single bottles, the shipping was the same. Why advertise a set shipping price if that is not actually what is to be charged?

Sorry for all the negativity, but I was excited to order a bottle from this site before this mess threw me off.

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Email Doug and ask him to convert your flovers.  It can sometimes take him a few days to get back to you, but he is very helpful. 

I don't know about the shipping cost issue, but you can always ask Doug that too.  I think his email is DOUG@FOR-LOVERS.COM

Hope that helps!

Add him to friends and you'll have his e-mail. I've burned over 10,000. He'll send you a code to put in when you order.