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Your Favorite Scotch is...


I'm hoping that I can get some help from some members.   My boyfriend's dad loves Scotch.  I'm going to meet him for the first time this weekend.  I would like to impress and surprise him with a good bottle of Scotch. 

Unfortunately, I know nothing about Scotch... and my boyfriend is no help!  I don't have time to go through a zillion reviews... so I'm hoping you would be kind enough to suggest something good. 

So the question I would like to ask is if you were him, what Scotch would be a nice gift for you?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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the first questions I would ask is do you know ANY Scotch at all that he might like and how much do you want to spend?  if he has ever mentioned any scotch, that may be a lot to work with, of if you have seen one there, or if anyone has any hints.  if he likes scotch from speyside, you would not want to take him an islay, for example.

I agree with cd_seller, it is tough to say without knowing what your boyfriend's dad likes.  A good bet would be something in the middle of flavors like Highland Park if you want a single malt or you can go with a blend like Johnnie Walker Black.

If he is like me, just about any Scotch would be appreciated.

Good luck.

Hi,  As I commented on my profile comments... I found the below really useful! Thank you!


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    knowing which those two bottles your boyfriend offered his dad will give a lot to work with.  I had read once there are over 2000 different scotches to pick from and I am thinking it is probably much more than 2000.  I have poured a scotch from the Islay region for 7 friends once and one guy almost puked while the guy next to him loved it and drank it the rest of the night

    Glenmorangie is one of my most favorite distilleries and signet is my most favorite scotch from them.  signet is a scotch that draws you in with its complexity.  it is good for new scotch drinkers as it is not "harsh", absolutely wonderful flavor.  I have shared some of the years with at least 10 or 12 friends and they all absolutely loved it.  it is expensive, but if you have time and you live the right state, you can order it on line to save money.  signet sells for about $235 around me, yet you can get it on line for $160 at the first website I checked:

    shoppers vineyard is a great place to buy from

    if you do get him the signet, do NOT let him put ice on it or cut it with water.  I once ruined a 1 ounce dram by putting just a drop or two of water on it.

    and the bottle/packing is very impressive.  If you were to read a little about glenmorangie and what makes the signet different (and so good) and shared that with him, how could you not impress him?

    for reference, on this webiste:

    signet was created by a women who used to post on this site some.  for the life of me, I can not remember her name.

    a great write up is here on signet (in case you can't tell, I think signet is a great choice):

    I will be going to my camp for the next week and hopefully doing my "glass experiement" so I can post updates when I return, but I will try to get out to where I can get on a computer to see how your selection is going.

great, I bet he likes the signet -- if you need an extra special gift at a later time, there is glenmorangie quarter century and that is about $600 to $700 a bottle.  I have ordered it from scotland before for about $200, plus shipping.  that was several years ago, not sure what it is selling for in scotland now with the exchange rate.

Cragganmore is a great scotch and sells for around 50 for added points you can tell him it goes into the Johnny walker green 

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