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Pappy Van Winkle

So, I'm always trying new bourbons, I picked up "Willett" this weekend, which I'm not prepared to comment on until I have alittle more, but anyone have any comments on "Pappy Van Winkle"?  I was unable to find it at my local "Total Wine" store, which has a vast variety of bourbons, but I found $184 bottle at "Sams".....go figure huh????  Before I go out on the hunt for it I could use some opinions....anyone?

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I also have wanted to try this, but I am not sure I want to buy in at the cost.  Ideally I will get to taste their range somewhere, maybe in Vegas?

Hello again..... Papy Van Winkles 21 is like the cadilac of bourbon.... It is very expensive but I can't tell you how many high end bourbons I have looked that are co mpared to Papy's

I know my store whose spirits buyer makes sure to have the best and sometimes rarest whiskies I have ever seen and he only gets this in once a year....


This year it sold out in a few hours.... Not everyone on the waiting list got a bottle it went so quick.  Needless to say I enjoy picking up one or two bottles a year and was very disapointed to be left out in 2011...

I bought a bottle this year and it is my first bottle. I didn't buy it for the taste because I never tasted it before. I bought it because it is the white whale of bourbons and I was fortunate enough to hook and land it. It is going in my safe and not ever comming out.

Eric Heffner