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I am sooo excited that I can purchase my bourbon online here, but before I finalize my order, I wanted to see if anyone knew of any "online promo codes" to use....maybe free shipping or a first time buyer discount.......I usually look on my online site for them, but "for Scotch Lovers" isn't listed in choices, so thought I would try our community for suggestions. 

On a more personal note, I enjoyed dinner lastnight at my local Bonefish Grill, and OMG do they have a great selection of bourbons, from one of my favs: Basil Hayden, to Bookers, and Bakers!  Really really impressed with the bar, and enjoyed one (or 2) too many!  LOL 

Thanks :} 

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I don't know any online promo codes, but you can "spend" your "Flovers" for free shipping. You can accrue Flovers just for logging on twice a day. If you do that for 15 days, you'll earn the 300 Flovers for free shipping. Not too shabby.

(If you do that, you will still see the shipping charge on the total bill. In the notes field just write to Doug that you want to spend the flovers for free shipping and he'll take care of it.)

how do you use the flovers?  I see no place to enter them when placing an order.

To use or "burn" flovers, just email Doug and he will take care of you.  Great guy to deal with and very easy process.