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12 Drams of Christmas

Glenfarclas would be my pick from that list.



So far, from that list, I have tasted 4, 5, 6 and 7 (all current items in my collection), and of those, the 16 yo Lagavulin is the stand out.

I have the Glenfarclas 105, and that is delicious; if the 15yo Glenfarclas is anything like it, that would be a good choice also.



Lagavulin is a good one too! MMmmm


Great Scotch there -- I have went through several bottles with friends and to date of the probably 15 people that have tried it at my house, everyone has liked it.  it is liked by both those new to scotch and those who have much more experience.  It seems to change from bottle to bottle, but so far all have been good.  The double wood is also a very nice scotch.

Lately I have been mixing 3 parts Bruichladdich Rocks with 1 part Arbeg 10 with a drop of water, it is amazingly good and creamy.