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Whisky & Politics

Death & Taxes

In the Netherlands taxes are high. A bottle of whisky got about 80% taxes on it. How is that in other country's?


I wouldn't mind paying a little more in taxes, but here in "lovely" Pennsylvania, the state run liquor stores generally don't have much to purchase thus not much to tax!

What really irks me is how the U.S. government is always raising taxes on liquor for their latest pet projects.All the teetotallers are quick to go right along with the tax because they think it won't affect them just because they don't drink.Wrong! Whenever taxes get raised in one area it increases costs in other areas.

Along with Braveheart's comment, I don't smoke, but I do feel bad the way it seems that any time the government wants to raise money for something related to health, they just tack on more cigarette tax. A single box in NYC is now over $10. It's not like the added taxes are successful deterrents for smokers, so they're just having to pay and pay. 


Politicians know that whenever they want to raise taxes the easiest target is smokers and drinkers because we are not organized.When will we finally get fed up with being the scapegoats of society and being forced to subsidize corrupt politicians and their pet projects through taxes on a product that is legal and we choose to purchase like any other consumer product being sold?Why should alcohol and tobacco be taxed more than say unhealthy food choices?

when the gov. run something your options become smaller and smaller. and the price goes up and up.

I am so fed up with high taxes on everything.The middle class is being taxed into poverty.

I find whisky an attractive alternative to politics. And politicians.

The so-called "sin tax" is an outdated idea that needs to be abandoned.How many of you think that drinking whisk(e)y is immoral or a sin? Why should one product be a target of higher taxes? All products should be treated equally under the tax code.Maybe, it's time for another whiskey rebellion?