The Whiskey Explorers

Explorer scout
member benefits
  • a complimentary Glencairn Nosing & Tasting Crystal Glass
  • Four (4) times a year you'll receive tasting "flights" of five (5) 3cl/30ml sample bottles containing a broad range of great whiskies from around the world. These whiskies will arrive packaged with no brand or age identity, along with instructions on how to unmask each whisky's true identity on our website by contributing your own whisky ratings and reviews.
  • Early access to hard to find/ limited production whiskies
  • Discounted tickets to whisky events like Whisky Live and Whiskies of the World

The Whisky Explorers club mission is to introduce our members to a variety of sensational whiskies, produced by some of the world's most innovative craft distillers, and to facilitate the sharing of these whisky experiences with others.

We've designed two distinct club experiences for whisky aficionados.

For aficionados, eager to experience the widest variety of whiskies and increase their knowledge of whiskey along the way, we offer our Explorer "Scout" membership.

Inspired by the "blind tasting" bar game, we designed our Scout membership to introduce members to a wide variety of amazing whiskies they most likely have not experienced before, free of any pre-conceived notion of a "brand", price or age as an indicators of quality, or even a prior experience with a type of whisky.

For the whiskey enthusiast who'd rather "go deep" on fewer whiskies and skip the education, we offer our Explorer Sherpa and Guide memberships. These memberships are designed to give members an opportunity to experience more innovative, complex and esoteric whiskies not typically found at your local liquor store, in the 750mL bottle format.

No matter which of the Whisky Explorers memberships you choose, you'll taste some of the world's great whiskies, gain early access to limited production whiskies, receive discounts on tickets to whisky events around the country, and have the opportunity to earn FREE FedEx ground shipping on orders from our store. You're also sure to make some new friends along the way.

When you join the club, you'll receive either a Glencairn Nosing & Tasting Crystal Glass as a welcome gift. But that's it. There's no leather membership card. The Whisky Explorers Club is about tasting whisky, and that's what we focus our energies on.


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*Unfortunately we are unable to ship whisky to members addresses within the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Utah. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii will incur additional shipping charges... please contact us to learn about the additional charges.