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Owner of The Glenesk, Dylan Wren, is a passionate whisky collector and boasts an impressive collection himself, comprising roughly 1,500 bottles. As these whiskies are part of his own private collection and are not for sale, they cannot be added to the total submitted to Guinness World Records.   The Edzell-based hotel serves whisky from every working distillery in Scotland. Its most expensive dram is the Lagavulin 25-year-old costing £248 a measure.   Other notable whiskies on offer include Tomintoul 33-year-old and Port Ellen 33-year-old, as well as some rare bottlings from the Glencadam distillery, now the only working distillery in Angus. Established in 1825, the distillery closed in 2000 only to be reopened in 2003 following its sale to Angus Dundee Distillers.

The Indulgence of Uncle Knucklehead #14: CAO America Landmark & Glenfarclas 12 YO Single Malt

I’ll be honest with you, nieces and nephews, your Uncle Knucklehead was just flat out exhausted over all this political turmoil over the last year and just had to take some time off. I mean with all the emails and hot mics on buses, genital grabbing and pants suits and October surprises, your Uncle hadn’t felt that rattled since he had the DTs back in the ‘80s after 3 weeks in Tijuana with a friend named Choyo and his 2 dogs.  

A Glass of Whiskey a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Picture this. You’re at your annual check-up at your doctor’s office. Your doctor says everything looks great, he just wants you to start taking this medication. It has wonderful preventative properties and has no fat, no carbs, and almost no sugar. This medicine is to be taken orally at 5’oclock every night. He hands you the script, one word scribbled on the page: “whiskey”.  

Laws Whiskey House to Release Two New Bottled in Bond Corn Whiskeys

Denver CO - June 1, 2017 --  Laws Whiskey House (LWH) announced today that it will release A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Straight Corn Whiskey and A.D. Laws Bottled in Bond Two Grain Straight Bourbon on June 4, 2017. Both are the first release of these expressions for LWH and meet the high standards of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. A.D. Laws Straight Corn Whiskey and Two Grain Straight Bourbon are coaxed from a mash bill of 86% corn and 14% barley malt. Both were distilled, aged and bottled by LWH in Denver. Distilled in the fall season of 2012, they were aged close to 5 years with the A.D.
Scotland Fracking

Fracking May Pose a New Threat to the Scotch Industry

Due to the possibility of water contamination, fracking may threaten the vitality of the Scottish whisky industry, which supports more than 10,500 Scottish jobs and creates more than 30% of Scotland's exports. The Scottish government is currently considering allowing fracking for shale gas in an area known as Scotland's "Central Belt," roughly the area between Glasgow and Edinburgh. After public consultation concludes on May 31st, the practice could spread out to other areas of Scotland, including our beloved Islay and Speyside, areas that many Scotch distilleries call their home.
Rodham Rye Hillary Clinton

D.C. Distillers Name "Rodham Rye" After Secretary Clinton as a Toast to Women in History

If you're anything like us, the only thing keeping you from smashing your television during the last election cycle was a trusty bottle of whiskey. Luckily, the dust has settled to reveal that Washington D.C. has been experiencing a craft spirits renaissance, all thanks to a new law passed by the city council making it legal to distill spirits. Now, there are eight flourishing distilleries in the area, including Republic Restoratives: a distillery run by two women and inspired by the history of women in America. Their newest release, Rodham Rye, pays trubute not only to Hillary Clinton but to the pantheon of women who have fought to make in impact on American history.
Irish Whiskey Irish Coffee St. Patrick's Day

The Classic Irish Whiskey Cocktails You Need to "Sláinte!" in Style this St. Patrick's Day

Most people's idea of a Saint Patrick's Day cocktail is a shot of Irish whiskey washed down with a pint of Guinness, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you're tired of green beer and shoddily made Irish Car Bombs, we've got four classic cocktails from master mixologist Kara Newman that are sure to change your celebrations for the better this Friday.