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Need to Age your Whiskey Faster? Science can Help

Even though creative experimentation is at an all-time high in the whiskey world, a demand for well-aged whiskey dictates that the fruits of these craft distilleries will not be enjoyed for years to come. Some whiskeys are meant to be enjoyed sooner than others, but most whiskeys need to spend quite a bit of time in the barrel before they are ready to meet the world. Fortunately, a new chemistry study claims to have found a way to age whiskey many years in just a few days, a breakthrough that could change the whiskey world forever
Craft Whiskey

Move over Jack and Jim: Craft Whiskey is on the Rise

If you've been especially perceptive during your last few trips to the the bar (not likely, we know) you may have noticed that more of your buddies have been trading in their pint glasses for something a little more sophisticated. According to a 2016 market report from the Distilled Spirits Council, sales of American whiskeys such as bourbon, rye, and Tennessee have exploded, with growth rates nearly doubling those of vodka.

Kingsbarns Distillery Appoints New Visitor Centre Development Manager

Kingsbarns Distillery is welcomes Scott Robertson into the position of Visitor Centre Development Manager. Scott joined his local Distillery at the end of last year, and is enjoing getting to know his new team and making plans for the coming months. Scott has previously worked at Blair Castle and Atholl Estates, VisitScotland and the Fairmont Hotel, so is well-placed to take on this exciting roll.

Here's the Whiskey That'll Be Served at Trump's Inaugural Ball

When Trump's presidential inauguration party gets underway tonight in Washington, D.C., his guests will be served a special blend of Leadslingers' Whiskey: a bourbon whiskey with a story and identity that is as patriotic as a Bald Eagle grasping an American flag and an assault rifle in its talons -- in fact, that's Leadslingers' logo.

"Fine & Rare": Exquisite Spirits-Focused Restaurant Opens Near NYC's Grand Central Terminal

After much success at The Flatiron Room in NYC, owner Tommy Tardie has opened another spirits-focused restaurant, called Fine & Rare, to provide another location for diners with a mature attitude looking for a sophisticated yet "un-stuffy" food and spirits experience.

Ben & Jerry's is Making Bourbon Ice Cream

If anything, ice cream iconoclast Ben & Jerry's is not afraid to experiment with wild, idiosyncratic flavors. Just look at its flavor "graveyard." And that spirit of unbridled innovation continues with its latest flavor: the booze-tastic Urban Bourbon. The new pint combines two of our favorite things -- ice cream and brown liquor -- into one, so we may never leave home again.