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 Connecticut Robusto & Penderyn Welsh Madeira Whisky

The Indulgence of Uncle Knucklehead #11: Camacho Connecticut Robusto & Penderyn Madeira Finish Whisky

Let’s imagine you’re at a party, like the one your spouse drags you to when she has to impress her boss with the fact that she can balance her job, a husband, a household, maybe some children and car payments so that he won’t consign her to the crappy assignments (let’s be honest, being a woman is not for me).  Before leaving for the event, considerable time is spent discussing the “interaction” strategy: who to talk to, what to talk about, subjects to avoid and how not to dominate the conversation when it comes to things I feel strongly about (like the pay inequity she’s dealing with).

The Indulgence of Uncle Knucklehead #10: Vudu Priest No. 3 and Clyde Mays Alabama Style Whiskey

      Ya Gotta love a good story.  Now, everyone of my nieces and nephews knows how much their Uncle loves hearing a good story.  Hell, I've been known to tell a few of them myself, and who knows if what comes out of my mouth sometimes is half real or half concocted from the pitch of a fevered brain.

The Whisky Extravaganza Returns to New York

Sponsored by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America, the 23rd Annual Whisky Extravaganza is an exclusive opportunity to sample rare and unique whiskies from around the world More than 100 of the world’s most exceptional single malt, Scotch and other whiskies will be enjoyed at Guastavino’s on March 23, 2016, as the 23rd Annual Whisky Extravaganza returns to New York after a three year hiatus. Hosted by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, the gala evening event also features a delicious dinner and a fine imported cigar as a parting gift for guests.

The Indulgence of Uncle Knucklehead #9: Oliva Cain F 654 Torpedo & AnCnoc Flaughter

One of these days your Uncle is going to learn how to handle more than two things at a time. Since I’ve been writing cigar and whiskey pairings I kind of figured I had at least these two things that I can do simultaneously: hold a drink and a cigar at the same time. I even use both hands to do so. And yeah, it’s a practice that translates into other areas of my life: I can bounce a basketball and hold a drink; push a lawn mower and smoke a cigar, etc. Easy stuff like that, I’ve mastered. I guess the third thing, like the third rail, is something to avoid.

The Indulgence of Uncle Knucklehead #8: Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary & Compass Box Flaming Heart - 15th Anniversary Edition

Your Uncle is in an elegiac mood, my friends.  It's autumn in the northeast, and we're blessed with bright blue skies and a warm sun to take the chill out of the air, leaves swirling through the yards and down the streets in a confetti blizzard of riotous color.  It's crisp and dry and it feels like football, down sweaters and steaming bowls of goodness gurgling atop the blue gas flames of our neighbor's stoves. Its fall and there's a glorious sadness in the air.  Summer is gone, winter's coming and with it just a few of my favorite things.

The Indulgence of Uncle Knucklehead #7: La Gloria de Cuba RF No. 13 + Benriach 20yr

We live in a time of "easy expertise", don't we?  We have smartphones in our pockets (you're not carrying it around on your hip, are you?), we have Google on our glasses and drones buzzing around our heads that link us full time to the clouds.  We have bursting packets of information and data gliding silkily through our pre-frontal cortex, waiting for our consciousness to purposefully capture bytes from the stream and put them to use to navigate our cars, download the latest novel, reserve a table, empty our bank accounts or find someone to love.