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Compass Box Asyla

This Week's Dram: Compass Box Asyla

We wander off into the exciting world of blends this week with an offer on Compass Box Asyla. It is part of the Compass Box core range and represents delicacy and sweetness. Using only whisky from first fill ex-bourbon US oak for the extra vanilla “oomph” that gives, this blend contains 50% malt and 50% grain whiskies.

Kingsbarns Distillery Welcomes Copper Pot Stills

The Kingsbarns Distillery and Visitor Centre, located in the East Neuk of Fife celebrated another momentous milestone as the copper pot whisky stills arrived at 09:00 this morning (Thursday 2 October).
 Both copper pot stills travelled from Rothes, Speyside and have been hand-made by Forsyths of Rothes.
The Wash Still, weighing three and a half tonnes and holding 7,500 litres and the Spirit Still, weighing three tonnes and holding 4,500 litres will both play an integral part in determining the light character of spirit produced at Kingsbarns Distillery.
The New Zealand Whisky Company Team

Jim Murray Proclaims New Zealand Whisky One of the World’s Best

Oamaru, New Zealand– May 8, 2014 – He’s believed to have visited more whisky distilleries than anyone on earth and Jim Murray’s 2014 Whisky Bible
boasts over 4,500 whiskies. But few score 94 points or higher, receiving Murray’s highly sought ‘liquid gold’ status.

 In the latest edition, The New Zealand Whisky Company’s South Islan Single Malt 21 y.o. scored 95 points, placing it in the highly coveted category.
This is the first time ever that a New Zealand whisky has appeared in a category that has catapulted some distilleries, such as Amrut, from unknowns
to the world stage.

Suntory Buys Beam

13 January 2014 - It was announced today that Suntory is buying Beam Inc. for $16 billion. So far I have no information  how this will affect the brands. Suntory already owns Morrison Bowmore Distillers which has Bowmore while the Beam deal will bring Laphroaig into the Suntory fold. Beam also owns Teacher's, while MBD doesn't really bother about the blended Scotch category. It'll be interesting to see if the QC and blend work on Laphroaig and Teacher's stays with personnel currently with Beam in the UK or whether they shift over to MBD.
Balblair 1969 vintage gift box

Balblair - Then & Now

It’s Balblair’s ill fortune to be located less than 5 miles from Glenmorangie, its rather better-known neighbour, and somewhat off the main road north; to be late into the single malt market and to be owned by one of the industry’s smaller companies, lacking the marketing and distribution muscle of its larger competitors. But none of this means you should ignore it, because there is much of interest to be found there.
Kingsbarns buildings

New Scotch Distilleries

January 2013 Commercial environments never stay the same for long and the world of Scotch whisky is no exception. With apparently ever-increasing demand for Scotch around the world, the industry’s major players such as Diageo and Chivas Brothers are ramping up production, with expansion taking place at existing sites and the creation of several entirely new distilleries.
Arran 10 Year Old

Isle of Arran - A Journey of Discovery

January 2013 - Late in 2012, I had the opportunity to visit Isle of Arran Distillers again - the first since their office move to a country estate just outside Stirling - to interview Chief Executive, Euan Mitchell. I asked him to explain to me the thinking behind the Isle of Arran range and tell me a little about the company and future plans.
Ardbeg exterior

Eating on Islay - Distillery Style

You’ve made the long (and expensive) pilgrimage to Islay; battled with the mysteries of the ferry timetable and started ticking off distilleries from your ‘must see’ list.  There’s a lot to do: you’ve planned this trip in detail, saved for it, looked forward to it…there’s no time to waste. But, suddenly, hunger strikes.   Potentially, it’s a problem. Charming though this little Hebridean island is, no one has ever claimed that it’s over-endowed with great dining choices.  And you can hardly bear to break off your visit to eat anyway.