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Auchentoshan exterior

For Your Visiting Pleasure

Those of you who have visited Scotch Whisky distilleries and enjoyed the visitor centres may not have given much thought to the look and feel of your surroundings there. As long as you enjoyed it and the tour was good, with clear explanations and signage and you had your dram at the end, what else is there to think about?

David Stewart - 50 Years in Whisky

It’s hard to imagine a working life of 50 years in a single industry, let alone 50 years working for a single company. While such a thing may have been relatively commonplace to our grand-father’s generation such loyalty has slowly been crowded out by a faster-paced world.  It was always marked with some kind of ceremony, but generally when the employee concerned was retiring.
Diageo Blends

Blends - Still Scotch Whisky's Leading Light

So much print space nowadays is given to single malts, it’s about time we redressed the balance and had a word about blends. Also, there is way too much snobbery around single malts. Views persist they are somehow better because they are usually more expensive or rarer. Not necessarily better – just the single expressions of the building blocks that go to make fine blends. Now, in my view there’s no such thing as a bad malt, only personal taste and there are some styles I prefer to others, even within output from the same distillery.

After Bruichladdich - The Mark Reynier Interview

The Fork in the Road   As the whole whisky world knows by now the fiercely independent, iconoclastic, “progressive Hebridean distillers” at Bruichladdich have entered the corporate embrace of the French Remy Cointreau. An offer – some would say a startling offer – of £48m for the shares, plus clearing outstanding finance of £10m persuaded the owners that independence had its price.  After a 10 year journey Bruichladdich has come to a fork in the road.  
The BenRiach Distillery

BenRiach Returns to Its Own Floor Maltings

Peat Reek is Back   The process of malting is the first stage in turning a field of barley into a bottle of whisky. During malting, barley is soaked in water to induce germination and thereby release enzymes that will modify starches into fermentable sugars, before being dried to halt the germination process.
Mark Tayburn Distillery Owner

Abhainn Dearg Distillery

Wild West Whisky Abhainn Dearg is Scotland’s westernmost distillery, situated on the ruggedly beautiful Atlantic coast of the Outer Hebridean island of Lewis. As the name would suggest, this is one of the remaining heartlands of the Gaelic language, with Abhainn Dearg translating as ‘Red River.’
The range of cheeses from Loch Arthur, including Criffel

Cheese With That Whisky?

ForWhiskeyLovers Cannot Live On Spirit Alone!  We have wine with meals; wine with cheeses. Some of us have fun arranging whisky dinners for groups of consumers to illustrate how versatile whisky can be matching food, either on its own or with mixers or in cocktails. Whisky with cheeses is a new one to some but a reasonable option to others, either as part of a whisky dinner or on its own. It’s a niche area growing in enthusiasts and encouraged by people like myself, the renowned whisky writer Charles MacLean, John Glaser of Compass Box, a few whisky companies and some dedicated souls in the hospitality industry.