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Whisky Explorers Private Tasting Expeditions

Bespoke Whiskey Experiences, Wherever You Wish

A Whisky Explorers Private Tasting Expedition is...

- A group of friends, customers or business associates enjoying each others company as they embark upon an evening’s exploration of a variety of outstanding hand-crafted whiskies from the worlds great whisky producing regions

- Sensational whiskies, selected specifically to match the interests and experiences of this group of explorers

- An evenings's adventure, guided by a  nationally recognized Whisky expert at a casual pace, that is as informative as it is entertaining

- A night to remember...along with a new appreciation for fine whisky, and some great laughs

All taking place in the comfort of your home or office, country club (or location of your choice).

Whisky Explorers Regional Tastings:

Whisky Explorers Tour Of Scotland Private Tasting Expedition

Whisky Explorers Highlands & Speyside Private Tasting Expedition

Whisky Explorers Campbeltown & Lowlands Private Tasting Expedition

Whisky Explorers Islay & Islands Private Tasting Expedition

Whisky Explorers Tour Of North America Private Tasting Expedition


Whisky Explorers World Whiskies Private Tasting Expedition





Whisky Explorers Private Tasting Expeditions  are designed specifically for your group of Whisky Explorers, at the location of your choice.  Our team of renown expert whisky evangelists are available in most major metropolitan areas of the United States (travel can be arranged to remote locations, for an additional cost).

Whisky Explorers Tastings can be created for 10 - 1,000 participants, and includes all whisky for the tasting, and glasses for the evening.  

Please select from an expedition above, or get in touch with us to discuss what you have in mind, and we'll create an adventure designed specifically to fit your interests.